Abundant Life Childcare & Preschool hours
are 6:00am – 6:00pm Monday-Friday.

Full Time Infant

$ 155

per week2 weeks -12 months

Part Time Student

$ 95

per week25 hour or less per week

Full Time Student

$ 140

per week30 hours or more per week

Preschool Student

$ 40

per week9:00-11:00am Mon-Fri

School Age (During School Year)

$ 40

per week3 hours or less per day

School Age (Summer Part Time)

$ 95

per week25 hours or less per week

School Age (Summer Full Time)

$ 140

per week25 hours or more per week

Payments and Charges

Accounts must be current at all times. Balances may not be carried into another week. If a balance is carried into another week, a 10% fee will be assessed every week until the account is paid in full.

If an account balance is carried for more than 5 days, your slot will be released for enrollment.

You are required to pay for 2 weeks in full prior to start date to secure a slot a the facility.

Payments may be mad using cash, check, debit card, credit card or ACH authorization.

Scheduled Hours

At the time of enrollment you may select from one of the below options:


Full Time Clients utilize the facility for more than 25 hours per week. Hours can be used at a parent’s discretion however, a weekly schedule must be submitted to the front office by the Thursday prior.

If a child is sick, please contact the office no less than 2 hours prior to schedule drop off time.

Part Time Clients use the facility less than 25 hours per week and can be offset by another client. Requirements to be considered part time are:

  • Must have a set schedule that allows another child to offset those hours
    • AM Part time slot – Drop off anytime after 6:00am, pick up prior to 12:00noon
    • PM Part Time Slot – Drop off at 12:00noon, pick up before 6:00pm
  • Schedule must be submitted by the Thursday prior to the start of a week.
  • If sick, please call the office no less than 2 hours prior to drop off time.
  • Part time clients are at risk of losing their slot if a full time client applies. We will offer the option to switch to full time, however if arrangements cannot be made ALCP reserves the right to terminate care.

According to State Regulations we are required to have a current schedule on file at all times.


Snow Day Charge (School Age): School Age children will have an additional fee added for a snow day. We are administering this cost because we are bringing in extra substitute staff in order to cover a classroom that was not pre-planned as it does add an extra cost to the center. If you plan on your school-age child to be with us on a snow day you must contact the center by 9:00 AM to reserve a slot. If it is not communicated you are needing our services, we will not count them on our roster and the slot will be closed for the day.
-$25.00 per day in addition to $40/wk (families of children who are here regularly
after school)
-$40.00 per day (families of children who use us as drop-in care—not here on a
typical week)